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LIFEPlan means selecting the financial strategies that will best contribute to achieving your clients' goals, in accordance with their needs and priorities.
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LIFEPlan - PlanVIE | maxomsoft

Planning of Major Expenses

With LIFEPlan, you can illustrate each of the major expenses with a color to make it easier to identify in the spreadsheet. This also makes the plan easy for your client to understand, and the plan is focused on achieving their goals, including retirement.

Financial Security Test

This feature allows advisors to create three financial plan scenarios and make any necessary changes to illustrate the financial security test. They only need to follow the steps indicated on their computer screen.

LIFEPlan - PlanVIE | maxomsoft
LIFEPlan - PlanVIE | maxomsoft
LIFEPlan - PlanVIE | maxomsoft

The Drawing Down Investments of a Holding Company

  • Incorporate withdrawals into your client's financial plan.

  • Set up your strategy (advances, eligible dividends or not, contributions, annual anlump sum withdrawals) .

  • Illustrate company expenses, like insurance premiums.

LIFEPlan - PlanVIE | maxomsoft

Automatic tax calculation

No tax rate to be added.

Home Buyers' Plan is shown on the map

Includes all types of income

  • Salary

  • Dividends

  • Rentals or others

Choice of priority order of withdrawal by plan.


Complies with the federal or provincial charter for provincial plans for the calculation of maximum allowable withdrawals.

Calculation of

capital gains

Adjustment of the book value for withdrawals and contributions to the non-registered plan.

Income splitting

Complies with tax rules.

Recovery of the Old Age Security

Others Applications of the LIFEPlan System


Module for collecting personal and financial information allowing you to forget nothing and to have all the required documents. In addition, it promotes a climate of trust with your client.


Identifies needs in the event of death, disability, critical illness or loss of autonomy.


Creating a statement based on the 5 risk ratings.

  • Investor profile.

  • Fund facts automatically added.


Determines the life and critical illness insurance needs of shareholders and key employees of a company.


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