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Personal and financial information gathering.

Guides you step-by-step to collect all your client's information.

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Collecting personal and financial information allowing you to forget nothing and to have all the required documents. In addition, it promotes a climate of trust with your client.

Features included

  • Links to CRA, CPP, QPP.

  • Calculation of the monthly amount allocated to your financial program.

  • Investor profile (one or more per plan) .

  • Report on received or missing documents displayed and emailed to client and advisor.

  • Automatic synchronization of data on analysis applications.

Others Applications of the 
LIFEPlan System


Determines the financial strategies that will best contribute to achieving goals and retirement, while also taking into account needs and priorities.


Identifies needs in the event of death, disability, critical illness or loss of autonomy.


Creating a statement based on the 5 risk ratings.

  • Investor profile.

  • Fund facts automatically added.


Determines the life and critical illness insurance needs of shareholders and key employees of a company.

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