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Financial Analysis System in Wealth Management.

A powerful and user-friendly solution.

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Notre système

Discover the Advantages of the LIFEPlan Synchronized Financial Analysis System.

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Our platform helps you perform financial analyses for both retirement planning and protection needs.

Equisoft | Maxomsoft

Import your clients from your CRM to our LIFEPlan financial analysis system, including data updates.

Ease to Use
LIFEPlan Synchronized Financial Analysis System. EASY

On each of the tabs, and this in all apps, an icon allows you to open a video capsule explaining how it works, exactly where you are on the platform.

LIFEPlan Synchronized Financial Analysis System. SECURITY

Maxomsoft offers an environment that meets the highest standards in terms of security.

Compliance Maxomsoft

LIFEPlan meets the compliance requirements, both in insurance and investment matters.


You will find your reports generated over time.

Maxomsoft LIFEPlan Proximity

Your clients have access! Provide secure advisory access to your clients. 

Your clients will be able to follow their LIFEPlan and see progress over time.

A system designed to optimize the client/advisor relationship.


Module for collecting personal and financial information allowing you to forget nothing and to have all the required documents. In addition, it promotes a climate of trust with your client.


Determines the financial strategies that will best contribute to achieving goals and retirement, while also taking into account needs and priorities.


Identifies needs in the event of death, disability, critical illness or loss of autonomy.


Creating a statement based on the 5 risk ratings.

  • Investor profile.

  • Fund facts automatically added.


Determines the life and critical illness insurance needs of shareholders and key employees of a company.

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A System That Helps Your Business Grow
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Maxomsoft LIFEPlan SUCCES
Testimony of Mr. Alain Legault, Senior Partner of a Financial Centre.
Alain Legaut PlanVIE-LIFEPlan

I wanted to emphasize the contribution of LIFEPlan to our results. We have put several projects in progress in the last 2 years and LIFEPlan is one of those that makes a difference in the daily life of our team.


With the arrival of LIFEPlan in the entire team grouping in January 2019, we were able to quickly initiate a shift towards the global approach and the advantage of a good, complete and structured financial analysis.


This shift, with the support of LIFEPlan, has enabled advisors to better manage all of their clients' financial needs and therefore experience strong growth.


In 2021, our team stood out in Canada's growing insurance products. In savings, we experienced a 60% growth in net sales. With $175M in net sales, we also stood out in Canada through the network.


Our select Leadermind Club has doubled its membership to 33 in 2021. This Club includes all associate advisors on the team who have reached a certain level of business, i.e. $100,000 in written insurance premiums or $10M in net sales. A large number of members (and new members) use the LIFEPlan tool.


Thanks to the entire Maxomsoft team.

Alain Legault

Senior Associate

Financial Center Director

SFL Wealth Management North -West of Quebec

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