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The Investment Needs Analysis creates an understanding of the client's risk tolerance for each of the plans in their portfolio.

Features and Calculations

  • Creation of portfolios according to the 5 risk ratings.

  • Includes all types of products offered by both mutual fund companies and insurance companies.

  • Investor profile.

  • Fund facts automatically added.

  • Investment and regular deposit or withdrawal calculator.

  • Explanation of the advisor's compensation remuneration mode.

Facilitates Advisor Compliance !

ABP | Maxomsoft | PlanVIE | Icone

Others Applications of the LIFEPlan System


Module for collecting personal and financial information allowing you to forget nothing and to have all the required documents. In addition, it promotes a climate of trust with your client.


Determines the financial strategies that will best contribute to achieving goals and retirement, while also taking into account needs and priorities.


Identifies needs in the event of death, disability, critical illness or loss of autonomy.


Determines the life and critical illness insurance needs of shareholders and key employees of a company.

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