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Business Needs Analysis (BNA): The Major Asset for Advisors Targeting Businesses

In today's dynamic business world, the ability to quickly and accurately identify a company's needs has become essential. In this regard, the Business Needs Analysis (BNA) offered by Maxomsoft stands out as an indispensable tool for advisors targeting the business market.

A Tool Designed for Precision

The BNA is much more than a mere insurance calculator. It is the result of deep contemplation on what a business analysis tool should be. It not only delves into a company's current financial situation but also contemplates various scenarios that might impact its long-term stability.

The BNA takes into account the potential loss of a key employee within the company and assesses the financial ramifications. Those holding pivotal roles are invaluable assets to a company, and their loss could lead to significant financial repercussions.

Beyond employees, the BNA also incorporates crucial components like shareholder agreements, lease financing, commercial leases, and other critical variables. Offering this holistic view, the BNA stands out as a crucial tool to understand and anticipate a company's needs.

Integration within the LIFEPlan System

The BNA is not an isolated entity. It is an integral component of the LIFEplan wealth management analysis system. This Maxomsoft solution aims to provide professionals with a comprehensive set of tools for wealth management decision-making.

Ease of Use and Efficiency

Equipped with an intuitive interface, the BNA is crafted to be both powerful and user-friendly. Feedback from financial security advisors who employ it is telling: the BNA marks a significant advancement in the field. It not only facilitates swift decision-making by highlighting the company's key issues for shareholders but also serves as a sturdy cornerstone during meetings with other professionals, such as CPAs or tax specialists.

Furthermore, some advisors have relayed that the BNA has become a key to unlocking doors to corporate executives. This stands as further testament to the tool's impact and relevance in the business world.

A Major Advantage for Case Acceptance

The benefits of the BNA extend beyond just meetings and analyses. Users have also highlighted that the BNA greatly eases the approval process by the insurance company's underwriter. By providing a detailed and comprehensive analysis of a company's needs, it furnishes the underwriter with all the requisite information to make an informed decision. This perk is invaluable as it can expedite the approval process and enhance acceptance chances.


In the ever-evolving business landscape, possessing the right tools can make all the difference. Maxomsoft's Business Needs Analysis (BNA) establishes itself as the go-to tool for wealth management advisors. It simplifies, clarifies, and streamlines the analysis process, thereby enabling enlightened and pertinent decisions for the longevity of companies.

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